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Who and what is commercetools?

commercetools is a technology partner for headless shop architectures, which we use to implement particularly complex and variable requirements for an e-commerce platform.

How long have we been a commercetools partner?

We have been working together since 2016. Already in the first year of our cooperation, commercetools presented SHOPMACHER with its creative award for particularly inspiring and groundbreaking solutions. That shapes and motivates us to this day.
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Why did we choose commercetools as a partner?

Processes and data flows along the e-commerce value chain are changing dynamically as a result of new platforms and shopping functions, which means that flexible IT architectures are increasingly becoming the critical success factor for retailers.

We are increasingly experiencing that monolithic shop systems that offer all essential shop functions integrated in one software are not flexible enough for ambitious growth scenarios. We are increasingly confronted with such requirements due to the demands of our customers. Therefore, with commercetools, we have added a solution to our portfolio that allows us and our customers maximum flexibility.

What do we value most about commercetools?

The IT-architectural approach under which this commerce solution was developed and is continuously being expanded is the most modern in the entire world! It is no coincidence that awareness and demand are also increasing in the international arena.

Commercetools is committed to the MACH approach (Microservice, API-driven, Cloud, Headless) and has played a key role in shaping its increasing popularity in recent years. This principle simply fits perfectly with the changing requirements of digitally accelerated trading.

This is our experience with commercetools:

We are currently using the commercetools solution for our customers SABU and Sport2000.

In total, we have implemented 5 e-commerce platforms since 2016, for which we have used commercetools as a solution.

We look forward to this in the future with commercetools:

With the acquisition and integration of the headless frontend FRONTASTIC, commercetools has strategically expanded its range very intelligently.

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