5. Dec 2018

JobShop wins HR Excellence Award “Best Career Website”

SHOPMACHER JobShop wins the Human Resources Excellence Award “Best Career Website” of the year.

Lead developer of the job shop Rico Herwig, CEO André Roitzsch and Andreas Herde from YeaHR!


A golden trophy in Berlin – and great cheering in our headquarters in Gescher: At the big final gala of the Human Resources Excellence Awards 2018, the SHOPMACHER JobShop was awarded the prize for the best career website of the year in Germany. With this, we successfully asserted ourselves from more than 400 submissions from all sectors. We SHOPMACHER are the only digital agency to have been awarded for outstanding human resources work.


The JobShop is based on an idea that is as clever as it is creative: It symbiotically combines recruiting with our core business. Vacancies are presented like products in a web shop. The product becomes the job description. A job can be placed in the shopping cart, “buy now” means “apply now”. There are various ways of sending CVs as “payment methods” – the link on the Xing profile is “Sofortüberweisung” – anyone who applies by recommendation can enter a “discount code”. “Sold out” are old-fashioned working methods and rigid hierarchies.

SHOPMACHER JobShop with jobs in the shopping cart


The creative approach of presenting vacancies not on a conventional career website, but in a refreshingly different way in the external form of an online shop, comes from YeaHR!. Incidentally, the agency from Düsseldorf, which specializes in HR solutions in the digital age, was named Personnel Agency of the Year at the HR Excellence Awards last year.

“We are convinced that recruiting is basically nothing more than sales. Especially in a highly competitive market like IT/digital. The SHOPMACHER are really good at selling for their customers. And we at YeaHR! believe in recruiting via digital channels. What could have been more obvious than recommending that the SHOPMACHERN sell their own vacancies in the job shop more or less digitally?” says founder and managing director Andreas Herde, but immediately sends praise back to the SHOPMACHER. “In my opinion, however, the decisive factor for the great success at the awards was that the basic idea was implemented so professionally and consistently in the shop format by the SHOPMACHER. This implementation convinces software developers, for example, who should be addressed and convinced with the job shop, even at second glance.”


We SHOPMACHER are in a strong labor market, especially in the field of digital jobs, in tough competition for smart and creative minds. As a medium-sized company with our current team of around 70 people and a location away from the large metropolitan regions, our agency is not automatically at the top of the wish list of digital talents and specialists as a potential employer and without any action on our part.

Accordingly, the challenge was to raise awareness of our company as an attractive employer among the target groups and thus increase the background noise in incoming (unsolicited) applications. If the implementation is successful, this is automatically accompanied by a reduction in recruiting costs.


However, it is also clear that successful recruiting processes require more than a cool tool like the JobShop. This helps a lot, not least through the attention in the trade press, social media and awards such as the HR Excellence Award, to create awareness among the target groups.

For the signing of an employment contract, however, there must also be substance – content is and will remain in the recruiting king. And in this regard, too, we have a lot to offer via the JobShop vehicle. For example, the total salary transparency in the form of price information in the shop, which is unique in the market, is very convincing, which develops additional dynamics with the salary proposal tool.

The net salary optimization is also ambitious and candidate-friendly. From day-care center subsidies to fuel vouchers and the discount system, all options are exploited in a targeted manner in order to optimally design net salaries within the framework of the legal framework.

In addition, with our recently occupied and modern headquarters, we have an extremely pleasant office environment. The agilely structured agency also offers the self-determined and team-determined work environment that is so popular with many high potentials, with exciting, award-winning customers from e-commerce and all the usual benefits such as home office, part-time work, nomad work and much more.

HR Excellence Awards, November 30, 2018, TIPI at the Chancellery


The JobShop has been online since September 2018. And the results are impressive compared to the objective. Post-launch traffic to the JobShop has skyrocketed by a factor of 50 compared to the old career site. The number of incoming walk-in applications – i.e. for job advertisements that are not published in job portals but only in the job shop – has increased by 200 percent since then.

“Thanks to this outstanding response to our job shop, we have already been able to fill 11 vacancies at relatively short notice in the past few weeks, with recruiting costs that have fallen dramatically – i.e. cost per hire – with high quality,” says our CEO André Roitzsch, taking stock. “However, the feedback from the candidates in the market is almost even higher. Practically every incoming application has a positive reaction to the great idea. And that’s even though we don’t actively ask for it. This also has a significant image effect and contributes positively to our employer brand.”


The jury, made up of top-class HR professionals, said: “Full salary transparency in the form of price information in the JobShop is a courageous and forward-looking step in HR work. But we were also impressed by the attention to detail – from the texts to the images to the printed T-shirts, where you can discover a new detail every time you look. And last but not least, of course, the measurable results show that the SHOPMACHER JobShop is not a nice gimmick, but a functioning, efficient and innovative HR instrument.” There is nothing to add – the rest was rejoicing in Gescher.


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