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Team success factor

A stable operational team is a decisive factor for sustainably successful commerce. If you have the right experts on board, you will make exactly the right moves in the long term. Or – turned into the opposite – without a good team you cannot be sustainably successful!

Problem area skilled workers

True commerce experts are rare. And they are hard to get excited about traditional companies. The result: a vicious circle – no progress without digital competence, no digital competence without progress.

Avoid store ruins

This is particularly evident with merchants who have put a lot of effort into creating a commerce platform that consistently falls short of expectations. Technology and services are stagnating. Once the system is online, little progress is made because know-how and resources are lacking – internally and at service providers. A store ruin is created. This is something to avoid.

Don’t buy an online store, buy digital expertise

That is why it makes little sense to buy a “piece of software” in the form of a work from an agency. Instead, permanent know-how and capacity is needed that can and must be used beyond a possible first project.

We may be able to help

Because that’s exactly the sweet spot of Shopmacher Operations.
Our customers do not receive e-commerce projects, but know-how, capacity and development power on time to continuously implement complex technical requirements. We offer:

  • (Commerce) Web development front- and backend (PHP/Symfony, JS)
  • Interface development and API connection
  • Dev-Op Services
  • UX Design
  • Product Ownership
  • Overall project management (project coordination of all parties involved)
  • Scrum Mastering/Team Coaching
  • Content Services
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