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10 ToDos

Let’s get started! How, we tell you in the whitepaper

Digitization fails

With our tips you are well prepared and do not fall into the typical traps.

Ecommerce checklist

Define your requirements with the checklist – clearly, distinctly and concisely.

Expert interviews on the status quo of digitization in your company

Status quo of digitization

We conducted interviews with experts on the status quo of digitization in your company.

Videos, Interviews & Us

Interview with Jenny – From trainee to management with baby break

Interview with Lennart: He lives in Spain and is project manager of a vietnamese team.

Interview with Simon: About a bumpy education to a developer with responsibility!

We have gained a new customer. Welcome Interquell Petfood!

How we work – Backlogrefinement

Our experiences with thankscoach

That’s why we are your perfect partner

As a student trainee @SHOPMACHER

We had a visit from WDR

Project Management Interview


Shopware compare plugin

5 years SHOPMACHER-Vietnam

This is us #WeAreFamily

Stay at home

Our eCommerce Health-Check

Interview: Viktor our Tech lead has moved to Ho Chi Minh City 

Customer Day 2019

How we learn: Barcamp

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