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I lack some experience. Can I still apply?

Of course – no risk, no fun! We really already have concrete ideas about how a role has to be filled in our company. But that is also exactly the advantage: hardly anyone out there brings everything that is needed with us right off the bat. That’s why we’ve geared ourselves and our onboarding to help you grow into a role.

Basically, your attitude and potential are more important to us than your specific professional experience. But of course, we may have to weigh up how much effort it takes to get you ready for the role in question and whether we can afford that right now. Therefore, please apply first if you are interested – then we will see together what is possible.

Which application documents should I submit?

In our JobShop, you can use Quick-Checkout to very quickly submit an application with just a link to a LinkedIn or Xing profile of yours. But of course, if we learn a little more, it increases the chance that we will be curious about you 🙂

And it’s actually quite simple: feel free to send us anything that helps us gain an initial picture of who you are, what makes you tick. But above all: Why do you want to work with us? What do you want to do? What do you hope to get out of the job and what do you already bring to the table?

We are especially pleased when we can tell from a cover letter that someone is not simply looking for a job in e-commerce, but that they explicitly want to be a shopmaker because they find something particularly appealing that they have heard or read about us. We don’t find testimonials and certificates that exciting in the first step. We first want to learn about you as a person, we want to get an impression if we can make you happy. And whether you can make us happy.

How does a get-to-know-you interview work?

Like a blind date: everything can, nothing must. We do not have a fixed grid for getting to know each other for the first time. We decide quite spontaneously who will talk to you. There are no standard questions and no hierarchy. We just look at what interests us about you. There is also no one asking or judging in the conversation. We have a conversation at eye level, tell about each other, get to know each other and see if it “sparks”.

A little tip if you want to prepare yourself: Think about what questions you have for us, what wishes you have, what drives you, rather than what answers you could give us. Just like on a blind date.

And of course there is no dress code and no recommendation. Except maybe this one: Dress authentically – just the way you are.

What happens after the interview in the application process?

If, after getting to know each other, both of us have the feeling that this could be something with us, then we arrange a trial day, on which we “get to know” each other better.

For you, it’s all about experiencing the team and our work environment on any given workday and getting a feel for whether you want to make things happen in that environment every day. For us, it’s about experiencing you for a little longer and in a slightly more relaxed environment than a blind date.

On the taster day, you will sit in the middle of the team breakfast first thing in the morning and experience our team dynamics in an authentic way. Then we’ll show you around our campus office, introduce you to the teams, and then you’ll get some tasks that are typical of the job we’re talking about. This way, you get a feel for what tasks actually come up for us and we get a feel for how you approach such tasks. The whole process takes about 2-3 hours.

At the end we briefly discuss our common impressions of the day and then go apart for the time being. As a rule, we will then tell you within a few days whether and in which role we would like to have you join the team.

How do we get an employment contract?

Only when we both know that we would like to try it together, then we draw up a contract. We have deliberately formulated our employment contract in such a way that you, even as a layperson and without much professional experience, can directly understand what it says – without having to ask a lawyer.

We offer a lot of leeway for the individual organization of your working and vacation times. And you can also adjust that every year to fit your life situation. However, to make things comparable and fair, we always discuss our contracts and salaries on the basis of 40 hours of work per week and 26 days of annual vacation. Then, if you have other ideas, we’ll make a short contract amendment and adjust the salary accordingly.

Your weekly work hours can be shifted in either direction in 4-hour increments (currently, the spectrum ranges from 12-40 hours per week, with many having 36 hours per week and thus Fridays off). Your annual leave may vary between 20 and 32 days. As mentioned: always with appropriate salary adjustment and you can readjust that every year for the next 12 months.

We negotiate your salary individually. It fluctuates with your experience and the responsibility that will come with it when you’re full time. How much our onboarding effort will be until you are fully self-sufficient in the role you are aiming for will also play a role.

And we absolutely have salary bands for different roles. Compliance with them is important to us, so that things are fair for everyone.

What is the onboarding process?

We also like ambitious lateral entrants and have thus established our very own methods and processes, which can only be compared with those of other agencies to a limited extent. That’s why structured onboarding is very important to us.

Practically all new colleagues start their work at Shopmachern in the support team. They call themselves “Call of Duty” :). Depending on experience, comprehension and project situation, this support onboarding takes 4-8 weeks. Our support team is practically the on-call service for all our customers. It’s like the emergency room in a hospital: if you need help quickly, you go to Support, where you receive initial care. That’s why this team is so well suited for onboarding. You will quickly get to know all customers, technologies, processes and teams in “real life”. And you can actively participate from day 1. Because the requests usually come via the ticket system and you can simply decide directly whether you can and want to process a ticket yourself or whether you want to pass it on to an experienced colleague. When it’s quieter, the colleagues there will explain our systems to you.

After the support onboarding, you will go directly to your 1st team, where you will be integrated into the team processes of the Scrum teams. In your team, you will be assigned a mentor for the initial period, with whom you will then also carry out your skills evaluation if necessary (we currently have this for Project Managers and Developers).

Finally, the skills evaluation is also the launch pad for your development discussions, in which we discuss your development potential and prospects with you once a year. When you do it this way, it’s simple: where your skills have room to grow, we figure out together what needs to be done to move you forward; and we hatch a plan for how you can go about it. New every year.

Your first development interview will be exactly one year after the end of your probationary period. Until then, you will conduct regular Catch Ups at increasing intervals with your sponsor and your team’s coach. Weekly at first, maybe quarterly later. But that varies with individual meeting needs and, of course, your growing experience.

During your probationary period – i.e. the first 6 months – there will definitely be a “Pit Stop” after about 3 months and the ceremonial handover of the Shopmacher Established shirt at the end of the probationary period. And then it actually runs by itself …

What's the best way to get to you?
  • Public transport: Are you traveling by public transport? The bus stop “Ehemaliger Bahnhof” in Gescher is only 250 meters away from our office
  • Bicycle: Probably the most beautiful option (if the weather cooperates 😉 ). In front of our office you will find numerous bike racks that you can use.
  • Car: If you arrive by car, you can best use the parking facilities to the left of our building
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