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know how it is about
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How healthy and future-proof is your e-commerce platform?

Do you operate an e-commerce platform and are wondering how well you are positioned with your current system landscape for the coming months and years? Or do you want to get better quickly and would like to know which topics you can use to make the greatest progress in the short term? And you would like an independent opinion from a previously uninvolved expert?

With the E-Commerce Health Check, we have developed a standardized procedure to quickly and efficiently determine an overview of the overall condition of an e-commerce platform and immediately derive concrete action points for improvement.


Lead Dev Carsten Dütschke explains the SHOPMACHER E-Commerce Health Check

We check in detail:

System architecture

  • Connection to third-party systems
  • middleware
  • Up-to-dateness, stability and documentation of interfaces
  • Plugins used

software analysis

  • Source Code Analysis
  • Libraries used
  • Degree of customization of the shop software used
  • Up-to-dateness of the shop software used Scalability of the software used
  • Security check of the software used (optional)


  • dimensioning
  • scalability
  • Cost-benefit analysis


  • loading time
  • image sizes
  • Other indicators


  • methodology
  • automation
  • security
  • stability

UX & Design

  • methodology
  • automation
  • security
  • stability


  • Integration Content + Commerce
  • content management
  • Product data management

Concrete results of the
E-commerce Health Checks:

  • Clear DIN A4 test report
  • Detailed analysis protocol in the form of 30-50 slides
  • Management summary on the first 5 slides, followed by a detailed analysis
  • Rating of each dimension examined with 1-10 points
  • Illustrative examples for each rating
  • Specific recommendations for action for each test result
  • Optimization measures in min. two levels of urgency
  • Presentation of the analysis results in an approx. two-hour appointment, incl. inquiries
  • Start of the implementation of urgent immediate measures within 4 weeks if necessary

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