Demonstration of

Composable Commerce

Composable commerce – is it too complex, or not? This is a question that the e-commerce world has been asking itself for some time now, with heated discussions on all channels about “best of breed”, “headless architectures” and other buzzwords about “modern state-of-the-art systems”.

Some e-commerce voices in the market preach that composable commerce can only be tamed with a dozen strong DEV armada in just under 3 years and that this only makes sense at all and somehow for the very big players.

Is that really the case? Carsten, our Head of Development, opened up some new perspectives for you at the NFQ #Summit in his talk “A short demonstration of composable commerce in roundabout 39 Minutes!”. His talk challenge is to launch a composable commerce #MVP for our Shopmacher Merch Shop – in 39 minutes!

So check it out. We are looking forward to your feedback!


Our consulting team is happy to help!

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