16. Nov 2020

Standard and C-parts available online for the first time at SToxxparts

A new era is beginning immediately for B2B buyers of industrial goods for mechanical engineering, the automotive supply industry, the construction industry, medical technology, trade and other special industries. The job of these purchasers will have a completely new appearance and implementation from A to Z, because they can now search and find the standard and C parts they need digitally, which have often been difficult to find, and buy them conveniently online. This is without exaggeration a quantum leap in this area of digital procurement. All this is now possible on the B2B online platform SToxxparts , which is now online and is waiting for buyer inquiries that are as exciting as they are unusual.

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100 DAYS software projects, SToxxparts & SHOPMACHER

The online platform offers customers in construction and technical purchasing who are looking for a specific product, an assembly or the product solution for their technical application a wide selection of standard parts – and the range is being gradually expanded. The precise finding of the appropriate special article was at least time-consuming up to now. Those times are now a thing of the past. Thanks to the digitization of a wide range and a cleverly designed product search, digitally finding and shopping for unusual special items that were once difficult to obtain is now almost child’s play.


The core of the platform is of course the extensive, very small product range with many different article variants. This range currently includes around 40,000 SKU (stock keeping units), i.e. products and product variants. Since these are very specific, the search function is one of the most important guides on the platform. So that users can find their way around here, a Semknox search has already been implemented and configured in the existing Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Semknox has a so-called semantic search, which offers various configuration options that go beyond the standard and also learns continuously through artificial intelligence.


At the consulting level, the digitization project at SToxxparts was and is being overseen by 100 DAYS software projects . Shopmacher and Nekom were identified and commissioned as technology partners for the implementation of the B2B commerce and development platform. “The shop makers have an in-depth understanding of B2B processes and a lot of experience in setting up digital sales channels, especially in the B2B area,” says Gaylord Aulke, Managing Director of 100 DAYS software projects GmbH. “In addition, they developed the B2B suite together with Nekom. This means they have a three-phase model for B2B sales digitization that has already proven itself but is also pragmatic and flexible. We benefited from this expertise in this project for SToxxparts.”

The Austrian Nekom is an established provider of middleware, so with its solutions in the backend of the commerce platform, it ensures that processes such as order and payment processing, supply and logistics run smoothly.

The Berlin agency Silberpuls was responsible for the areas of user experience and design.

Exclusive team for office partners

First steps definition workshop – January 2020


After the MVP has now gone live, the current plans envisage that Shopmacher, Nekom and Silberpuls continue to press ahead with the development of the digital platform in close cooperation with 100 DAYS and the SToxxparts project team. The focus is on the gradual and continuous expansion of B2B -Sales, consulting and service functions such as an online chat or a free CAD download.

The aim of SToxxparts is to build up a permanent customer base, which is to be addressed and retained through qualitative and in-stock products, excellent advice and an intuitively operated and high-performance online shop.


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