23. Sep 2020

Ann-Kathrin Coldewey enriches the Shopmacher team

Ann-Kathrin Coldewey (30) has been strengthening the team of e-commerce experts at SHOPMACHER, headquartered in Gescher, Westphalia, since the beginning of September 2020 in the central position of Agile Project Manager. Ann-Kathrin Coldewey most recently worked for business unicorns in Recklinghausen, where she was responsible for customer and project support as a consultant.

Employee picture Ann-Kathrin

Ann Kathrin Coldewey

As an Agile Project Manager, Ann-Kathrin works at the important interface between the retail customers she looks after and the Shopmacher Dev teams responsible for this clientele.

In doing so, she acts as a central and bidirectional communicator in the task defined in the Shopmacher philosophy of successively developing the e-commerce platforms of the retail companies in small steps based on measurable KPIs and thus increasing their sales.

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Ecommerce white paper

Ecommerce white paper

Have you launched a new e-commerce instance? Congratulations! Now it really starts – how do we tell you in the whitepaper!

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