21. Sep 2020

1a Medizintechnik digitizes sales with SHOPMACHER and ambitious goals

1A Medizintechnik GmbH from Bocholt has been offering system solutions and services for emergency medicine, rescue services and occupational safety for twenty years. In order to be able to be at the forefront of the tough competition online in many respects, the family business, which is a full-range retailer with more than 10,000 items from more than ten leading brand manufacturers, is currently modernizing its online commerce platform. Partners here are the Shopmacher, specialists for enterprise e-commerce platforms and Westphalian neighbors from Gescher.

Online shop 1A medical technology

1A medical technology online commerce platform



Of course, it was not foreseen that the corona pandemic, which of course requires a market presence from a dealer for medical technology, burst in the middle of the platform refactoring. The Shopmacher philosophy of being online very quickly with a minimum viable product (MVP) and then adding new and additional functions in sprints as part of continuous further development took some of the fright out of the scenario for those responsible at 1A Medizintechnik.

“The Shopmacher are an ideal partner for our project,” says Jens Grotstabel, who is responsible for marketing and digitization at 1A. “You have extensive experience in designing high-selling platforms and a comprehensive understanding of B2B processes. In the Corona environment, however, almost more important was and is the approach recommended by the Shopmacher to start with a fairly straightforward, easily understandable and easy-to-use platform with basic functionalities – which we already experienced in the course of the first quarter of 2020 case was.
Jens Grotstabel

Jens Grotstabel, responsible for marketing and digitization at 1A Medizintechnik


An important goal was and is the presentation of the large product portfolio. Since 1A Medizintechnik is also increasingly active in the B2B tendering business, it is essential not only to present the more than 10,000 items in a customer-friendly way, but also to provide the price valid for the respective customer. Since this is now done directly from the merchandise management system, the customer can also be shown a delivery date directly and automatically, giving the important delivery security.


“One of our big trump cards is our very extensive product portfolio,” says Jens Grotstabel. The clear presentation of the articles opens up cross-selling potential and thus also new groups of buyers. Customers from the industrial and commercial sector who order articles required by law, such as dressing material, are also becoming buyers of hygiene and disinfectants or work and safety clothing, which are in such high demand during the corona pandemic. “Thanks to the restructuring of our platform, we are on the right track here, but we are far from exhausting our potential.”


In addition to the claim of becoming more visible to new customers, 1A Medizintechnik pursues the goal of constantly improving the level of service for existing customers. Because just like in the B2C sector, B2B buyers are becoming more and more demanding. Therefore, existing customers at 1A Medizintechnik can now set up quick order lists and individual customer accounts. In these accounts, customers can grant individual employees individual authorizations that determine, for example, which product groups can be ordered and up to what value. Automated purchases, in which an order is automatically placed with the customer as soon as the stock falls below a freely definable level, is part of the service, which is now possible thanks to the connection to the merchandise management system and the digitization of the entire sales system at 1A Medizintechnik.


For 1A Medizintechnik, the consistent digitization of its sales by the shop makers is the basis for the development of existing growth potential in the B2C sector as well, beyond the target markets of emergency medicine, rescue services and occupational safety that have been worked on up to now. Because the conceivable and possible application spectrums of the offered range are enormous. For example, kindergartens could obtain all their hygiene items or builders of commercial real estate life-saving defibrillators and first-aid equipment on a large scale, fully digitized.


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