28. Nov 2023

MACH architecture: ANWR Group equips Schuhe.de for the future

The footwear and sports retailer ANWR Group has migrated its e-commerce platform Schuhe.de to a new composable commerce architecture. The relaunch of Sport2000.de in 2022 already provided the proof of concept.

Mainhausen / Gescher, November 13, 2023. The shoe and sports retailer ANWR Group has modernized its e-commerce platform Schuhe.de. As the old store system no longer met current requirements, the group decided to replace the old solution with a microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native and headless software architecture (MACH) on the recommendation of its e-commerce agency Shopmacher.

Two years ago, the ANWR Group collaborated with the store makers to relaunch the Sport2000 website, one of the first major cases to bring the MACH concept to life. “We were initially concerned that there might be interface problems,” recalls Tim Wiese, Managing Director of ANWR Media GmbH, at the start of the project. “However, these proved to be unfounded. And now we can see that we can act quickly and flexibly on the basis of the new composable commerce architecture with Sport2000.de and bring new ideas to market quickly.”

Not one for everything, but the best for everything

Following the successful proof of concept, Schuhe.de was now also to be migrated to a MACH tech stack. The particular challenge here was that Schuhe.de was not just a store system, but the entire heart of the company. All processes, such as customer management, were handled via this system. However, since the idea of Composable Commerce is that one system does not fulfill all functions, but that there is a separate system for each task, the individual components of the old store system first had to be cleanly separated.

The store makers were responsible for the implementation of the store front end and the associated systems such as the search and ensured, among other things, that the product data from the Akeneo PIM was transferred to the store in a standardized way and transferred to the ordering system in the background via clearly defined interfaces. “At Schuhe.de, we have managed to do this where other retailers still have problems and shy away from the effort,” explains Shopmacher CTO Manuel Ludvigsen-Diekmann. This was made possible above all by the agile working methods of all partners involved. “During a project, you always come across construction sites that you didn’t know about beforehand and for which you have to find solutions – within an existing time frame and a defined budget. This would not have been possible without agile working on all sides,” says Ludvigsen-Diekmann. But the effort was worth it. “The fact that the product data is now standardized in Akeneo is a real milestone,” confirms Tim Wiese. “This means we can now also optimally serve other channels such as Amazon, Zalando and Facebook.”

The Algolia search function makes life easier for customers and employees

A relevant new function in the store is the search. Schuhe.de has opted for the Algolia solution here. This not only improves the search experience for customers in the store through AI-based recommendations. It also supports the employees of Schuhe.de in changing the search ranking. If, for example, orange or black shoes are to be displayed before Halloween, a store editor can set this up with just a few clicks.

With the new tech stack, Schuhe.de has laid the foundation for the further expansion of the store. Internationalization into other countries is therefore just as possible as expansion into new sales channels. And the employees are confident that they will take the next steps with Schuhe.de on the basis of a modern and contemporary e-commerce solution.

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