10. Nov 2023

Digital Pioneers meet Future Innovators

Our Campus Day with Westphalian young talent expertise

On a crisp autumn morning, our office in Gescher was transformed into a vibrant center of knowledge exchange. We welcomed the students of business informatics and applied computer science from the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences Bocholt with open arms and refreshing drinks. Our rooms, filled with ideas and inspiration, served as the backdrop for a journey through the heart of SHOPMACHER. During the tour through our office world, we shared insights into our teams, customers and the special interaction that sets us apart.

Thanks to the delicious catering from Cafe Gescher, we gathered energy for the inspiring presentations that followed. André opened with insights into our philosophy and the synergetic work with our colleagues in Vietnam. Patrick guided us through the technical landscape of e.g. Composable Commerce, while Lena and Larissa explained the importance of team coaches and Scrum at SHOPMACHER. Tobi and Yves, two of our project managers, introduced us to the art of customer communication, and Sabine, as a consultant, gave us insights into system evaluation and strategy development. Julian and Kai rounded off the day by showing how we support our developer trainees and integrate them into our team.

We ended the day with a wealth of conversations, questions and practical examples that inspired everyone present. It was a day of networking, learning and perspectives – a true representation of what it means to be a SHOPMACHER.

Do you feel inspired? Be the next to join our ranks and grow together with us. Apply now and become part of our global family. Your future in the digital world starts here – at SHOPMACHER.

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