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How dared to switch to Shopware 6 under the motto Mobile First under full load

As a longterm, experienced supplier of polyrattan furniture, AH-Trading GmbH has set itself the task of being THE internet supplier of garden furniture and garden accessories from a single source with the online shop In the online shop you will find furniture variations made of aluminium, wood, polyrattan, bamboo, stainless steel, textile and interesting material combinations. In addition, there are practical barbecue solutions, trendy lighting objects, refreshing pool showers, various shade solutions, garden accessories for every taste and much more. Under the OUTFLEXX brand, also produces polyrattan furniture itself and sells it exclusively throughout Europe in its own shop or through authorized distributors. The turnover of AH Trading, which operates the shop in addition to, was around 45 million euros in 2020.


Shop system



Sales (2020)


The online shop was to be relaunched. The shop no longer offered a modern shopping experience, especially for mobile visitors. The loading times were also too slow. But with the existing shop system, a mobile-first approach was difficult to implement. That’s why, as one of the far-reaching online pure players in the garden furniture sector, decided to take a bold step: In the middle of ongoing operations, the shop was to be migrated to new shop software and the entire front end modernized.


At the start of the project, the preferred innovative shop system Shopware 6 was still in the beta phase, so that a lot of improvisation was the order of the day at SHOPMACHER. In the first step, the reliability of the shop software was tested by relaunching the smaller sister company, After the shop was stable, the main shop was migrated to the new, now stable system. With the frontend design, great importance was attached to a good mobile customer experience under the motto Mobile First. For example, the navigation bar is placed thumb-friendly at the bottom.

Shopware 6’s API-First approach enabled the project team to easily implement individual customer requests. These include, for example, individual discount pop-ups that try to motivate customers who are about to leave the shop with special offers to make a purchase. The ERP system was connected using the TSO-DATA WebConnector.

After the shop is running stably, it will be continuously developed in regular sprints. For this purpose, sets up hypotheses and measures customer behavior. Promising features then go to the SHOPMACHER for implementation. In this way, new functions are developed every month with a view to market requirements, tried out and, if successful, permanently installed. In this way, the platform and processes at AH-Trading can continue to develop in step with one another.



The relaunch increased sales by around 20 percent. E-commerce project manager Patrick Knebelkamp sees better usability, especially for mobile users, as well as better performance as reasons.



AH Trading GmbH


B2C online shop for garden furniture



Performance modules:

  • Consulting system architecture

  • Technical conception & requirements management

  • Implementation frontend and backend

  • Technical support and expansion since launch


  • Shop system: Shopware 6 Enterprise
  • Search: Shopware Enterprise Search
  • Media management: meleven
  • ERP system interface : WebConnector


  • Stable with very high visitor and transaction numbers

  • Complex search and filter options

  • Digital Advice

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