10. May 2021

Relaunch of the online platform for fire safety education

Fire safety education and awareness is important. Fire brigades, parents and insurers can tell you a thing or two about that. Bundling information on a platform in order to provide ways and means for the important work, that’s what the association of fire brigades in North Rhine-Westphalia and the provincial authorities set out to do a few years ago when they set up the Internet platform Sicherheitserbildung.de with an accompanying shop. The digital demands on convenient shop systems are growing, so it was time to relaunch the joint project. The company SHOPMACHER was commissioned with this not so easy task.

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The freshly launched website of sicherheitserbildung.de

“Right from the start of the project, everyone involved agreed on an agile, i.e. very flexible and user-centric approach. This gave us the opportunity to react dynamically to restructuring and changing requirements in the course of the project without friction losses,” explains Larissa Thesing, project manager at SHOPMACHER. And Shopmacher CEO André Roitzsch adds: “We had a lot to do, time was short and the lockdown accompanied us through the entire project. But thanks to the good cooperation at eye level, we managed it very well.”


“Thanks to innovative technology, the new shop software is one of the most modern on the market and now enables us to offer safety education online as professionally and efficiently as established e-commerce retailers,” says Stephanie Demant, project manager of the department Loss prevention in the provincial group enthusiastic. “Because faster loading times combined with the highest standards in terms of data protection and security guarantee a better user experience. And it was important to us that the server with important customer data is not located overseas, but in the Münsterland.”


The intuitive structure of the backend enables the VdF NRW and the provincial to be able to edit large parts of the pages themselves. In this way, adjustments benefit users faster than before. “Another Milestone in the successful cooperation with the association of fire brigades in North Rhine-Westphalia”, Christoph Schöneborn, state manager of the association, is convinced. The current download option for films about fire protection is a very useful function for our fire brigade members who are involved in fire protection education and awareness-raising,” said Schöneborn about another benefit.


The online platform and the shop for safety education are no longer hosted on two separate sites, but have been merged under sicherheitserbildung.de. All important information can be found in one place.

An improved search is new. It offers a high level of comfort. Because in addition to editorial content, products such as information and educational material, games, coloring books and the like can be found quickly at the same time. With its optimized user guidance and the structured design, intuitive handling of the shop is made possible. A memo function now makes it possible to mark interesting or favorite items, so that the ordering process is simplified and accelerated by the close connection of the shop system to a logistics company. Also new is a suggestion function for other compatible products. If, for example, a coloring book is selected, suitable colored pencils are recommended under “Other products”. With this function, it is possible to give the ordering person the attention they want as a customer in a very individual way.

The shop is of course implemented responsively, so that a good display on all mobile devices from desktop PCs to tablets and smartphones is guaranteed. The mobile optimization makes the ordering process for fire brigades or educational institutions particularly convenient because it can be done quickly with a smartphone. This is where users benefit from the new bottom navigation. Larissa Thesing, project manager at SHOPMACHER: “Bottom navigation has the decisive advantage that it is in the ‘thumb zone’, which means that the website can be operated almost like an app.” “The current go-live of the new shop is just the beginning. As part of the continuous monitoring and further development of the pages, we will continuously optimize them for our users,” affirms Stephanie Demant in conclusion.


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