24. Jan 2019

BLOO:CON – February 7, 2019

On Thursday, February 7th, the BLOO:CON will take place in Münster for the seventh time. Organizers are our partners from Bloofusion.
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After a thematic reorientation to the topic of online trade, this year’s strategy day for e-commerce success is specifically and explicitly aimed at programmers, agencies and shop operators from the e-commerce industry. It goes without saying that we SHOPMACHER should not be missing. We will be there as a Gold Partner at BLOO:CON.

The core topics of the conference are practical applications of SEO measures, SEA and data-driven marketing. Other topics are optimizations outside of Google, such as Amazon SEO and YouTube, as well as linking online presences with brick-and-mortar retail.

We SHOPMACHER have also been working with the Bloofusion team in day-to-day business for various well-known customers for years. Their core business as an online marketing agency with operational tools such as SEO, SEA and data-driven marketing corresponds perfectly with our philosophy of continuous development of sales-oriented enterprise platforms based on concrete measurement results.

Bloofusion boss Markus Hövener evaluates the philosophy of shop improvement in continuous small steps as follows:

“We think this approach makes a lot of sense. Learning from customers, then improving the website – this is a more than sensible approach. Especially in the context of relaunch support, which is often an issue for us, there has been a paradigm shift for years: Instead of a mega relaunch every few years, there is more and more direction of “perpetual relaunch”. So: small steps, but the website is constantly being improved. And this is a very sensible method, especially in the shop environment. To take an example: Especially in the SEA area, it is important not just to make assumptions, but to use A/B testing to find out which search terms work well, which sales arguments pull, and so on. So again, it’s all about continuous improvement.”

Our CEO André Roitzsch adds in this context:

“When we work together for our customers, it’s always about one main goal: How can we support the dealer in question to sell more quickly and profitably? That’s what we call CommerceThinking. And this sales-oriented CommerceThinking works extremely well in cooperation with the colleagues from Bloofusion.”


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