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Define your requirements with the e-commerce checklist – clearly, concisely and concisely. Our e-commerce checklist helps with planned digital projects easily and free of charge. Download now and get started.

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Checklist – Ecommerce Briefing


This checklist is intended to support you in defining the requirements for service providers for IT/digitization projects in such a way that they can get a first impression of the project and, if necessary, even make an initial assessment of a possible project budget.
It is not only about the technical and functional requirements, but also about the background, ambitions and goals of the planned measures.
A good service provider who works with you on an equal footing will need such information in order to really put their expertise at the service of your cause and to advise you on the most efficient way to proceed.
Expert interviews on the status quo of digitization in your company


Level upgrade: gamescom now trusts SHOPMACHER again

Level upgrade: gamescom now trusts SHOPMACHER again

After two years in which gamescom was held exclusively online, the world’s largest games event will become a hybrid event this year. Shopmacher is responsible for the further development of the digital customer experience on the “gamescom now” content hub.

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How sport2000.de fills the MACH idea with life

How sport2000.de fills the MACH idea with life

There is a lot of talk in the tech world right now about MACH, i.e. a software architecture that is microservice-based, API-first, cloud-native and headless – but for historical reasons there are hardly any consistent implementations. The e-commerce agency Shopmacher is presenting one of the first major cases in this area with sport2000.de and has currently built one of the most modern tech stacks in Germany for the retail group.

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