17. Jun 2020

Mountain lovers and Shopmacher form a growing rope team

If you want to climb peaks in the mountains, you need solid and high-quality equipment. If you want to be in the sales peak regions of online trading, you need an experienced, competent and creative partner for e-commerce. Since 2006, outdoor and mountaineering enthusiasts have been able to find the equipment at Bergfreunde.de, one of Europe’s leading online mountaineering equipment suppliers, which has been growing rapidly for years.

Bergfreunde Growth Shopmacher

The Bergfreunde conquer new e-commerce peaks with the SHOPMACHER.


The Bergfreunde themselves have found a strong partner in Shopmacher, the specialists for sales-oriented e-commerce enterprise platforms. The Shopmacher have been supporting the operation and, above all, the continuous development of the Bergfreunde online shop since 2019. Another leading online retailer who successfully relies on the shop development expertise of the Shopmacher.


Bergfreunde has quadrupled its turnover in the past five years to 110 million euros in 2019. But this impressive summit attempt should by no means be the end of the ascent. For 2020, Bergfreunde – ignoring the corona effects – continues to expect very ambitious growth of 22 to 25 percent to up to 138 million euros. The Shopmacher team of specialists should also contribute to the achievement of this considerable objective.


Because like a well-established rope team on the mountain, the skills, abilities and mutual requirements of partners in the supplement online trading. The Bergfreunde.de e-commerce platform is based on the Oxid shop software. “The Shopmacher have a lot of experience with Oxid shops and provide us with a correspondingly experienced, exclusive in-house team of senior developers who work hand in hand with our developers,” says Florian Wezel, Head of IT at Bergfreunde.

“In addition, the Shopmacher are proven experts for the continuous development of online shops. For us mountain lovers, these are two arguments for planning the storming of new peaks together with the Shopmacher.” You don’t reach the summit by standing still, but by progressing according to a plan on a clearly defined route.


The Shopmacher have been following the philosophy of continuous shop improvement for several years. However, the philosophy of the e-commerce specialists from Gescher in Westphalia does not remain in theory, but is lived practice: With the e-commerce health check, the Shopmacher have developed a standardized procedure to quickly and efficiently get an overview of the overall condition of an e-commerce platform and immediately derive concrete action points for improvement. The online shops are checked in seven dimensions: system architecture, software, hosting, performance, deployment, UX and design as well as content. This is innovative, result-oriented – and helps to bring about noticeable improvements quickly.

“With our e-commerce health check, shop operators can quickly, professionally and competently check the condition of their platform and identify potential for optimization,” says Patrick Blom, who carried out the “health check” at Bergfreunde. “That brings new impetus, better sales results and higher turnover – and that’s what retail is all about, after all.”
Based on the KPIs collected during the health check and since then during ongoing operations, the Bergfreunde-Shopmacher team is working together in professional cooperation to successively optimize the shop Bergfreunde.de to promote sales. The common goal is clearly defined: On to new peaks!



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