13. Sep 2022

BASIC thinking: How SHOPMACHER works

The BASIC thinking team regularly shows insights into the offices of corporations, agencies and start-ups. Exclusive site portraits are created under the motto “This is how … works”. The team of BASIC thinking also took a look behind the scenes of SHOPMACHER and captured the insights in a series of pictures.

Define KPIs

A fixed part of the day for the shopmachers: analyzing and optimizing the online stores.


Excerpt from the site portrait: At the e-commerce agency Shopmacher, everything revolves around the development and expansion of online stores. In the site portrait, we take a look behind the scenes of the company. At Shopmacher, the name says it all. Because online shops are part of the agency’s daily business. These include product platforms, online marketplaces and other e-transaction applications.

The work also focuses on the operation, expansion and further development of e-commerce platforms. To achieve this, the shopmacher are basing their digital strategy on key performance indicators.

The shopmachers are IT experts

CEO André Roitzsch and CTO Manuel Ludvigsen-Diekmann focus their company’s work not only on the development of online stores. The agency expertise also relates to the topic of IT in general. Thus, the team also creates layouts and designs for the self-developed platforms.

Brands such as BVB, Gamescom, Matratzen Concord and Engbers are among the shopmachers’ customers. The agency also built a tech stack based on MACH for the sport2000.de association group.

This is how the e-commerce company Shopmacher works

Since 2005, the Shopmacher team has grown to 79 employees. In addition to an office in the “Silicon Valley of Münsterland”, the e-commerce agency also has two offices in Vietnam.


How sport2000.de fills the MACH idea with life

How sport2000.de fills the MACH idea with life

There is a lot of talk right now about MACH, a software architecture that is microservice-based, API-first, cloud-native and headless – but for historical reasons there are hardly any consistent implementations. The e-commerce agency Shopmacher presents sport2000.de, one of the first major cases in the field.

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IT skills shortage: ten tips for conflict-free offshoring

IT skills shortage: ten tips for conflict-free offshoring

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