10. Oct 2022

Digital coaching for executives in agile transformation

Through the valuable exchange with the coaches of thankscoach, our managers can work on their individual challenges and develop further! In this video, our leaders talk about their experiences.


Excerpt from thankscoach’s case study: Actively managing agile transformations is a major challenge for all companies. SHOPMACHER has confidently faced this and completely converted to agile working methods, structures and processes more than 6 years ago. The goal was to jointly shape an organizational culture characterized by New Work. It is only natural that complex issues need to be addressed in the shift from old hierarchical structures to more self-determination. Especially with the new definition and distribution of leadership tasks in the agile system, there is a need for strong empowerment for leaders. The challenge was that each employee has individual development needs and individual issues with agile transformation, and it is difficult to provide targeted support with standardized training programs.

SHOPMACHER recognized early on that the key to success is individual empowerment and valuing people’s individual resources. To support them specifically, they offered thankscoach’s digital business coaching in the organization as an L&D building block. This allowed the managers to work self-directedly with their coach on their individual challenges and develop as effectively as possible. The solution is a major step toward self-directed workforce development and is part of a far-reaching and empowering culture development for the entire organization.

The business coaching for the managers has a very positive impact on the development of leadership skills in the agile context and performance of the teams as a whole. It also has a positive effect on employee loyalty (retention), as it represents great appreciation on the part of the organization and is also perceived as such.


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