16. Apr 2020

SHOPMACHER develop new online platform for the provincial

Helping retail customers to achieve economic success with e-commerce technology is the Shopmacher’s daily bread. The company, based in Gescher, Westphalia, has now been given the opportunity by the provincial insurance companies in the Rhineland and Westphalia to set up a new online platform for safety education. A very special experience, as André Roitzsch, CEO of Shopmacher, emphasizes. “If we can use our know-how to help prevent fires and thus save lives, then that is a very nice and satisfying task.”
Online shop Provincial Shopmacher

Provincial offers support to fire brigades, schools and day-care centers


Background: The untrained handling of fire regularly leads to fire victims and property damage in the millions. Fires are also caused by children lighting fires. Reason enough to start fire safety education (BE) at an early age. But fire safety education (BA) for adults is also an important component of fire prevention.

For many years now, the fire brigades in North Rhine-Westphalia have been supported in this important task by the provincial insurance companies in the Rhineland and in Westphalia. The fire protection educators of the fire brigades as well as interested educators and teachers in the most populous federal state can obtain extensive teaching and educational materials on fire protection education and fire protection education via the online shop of the platform Sicherheitserbildung.de operated by the provincial government. The Shopmacher will now completely redesign this online sales platform from a technological point of view.


The development of a new platform became necessary because the existing shop could no longer be updated economically at the end of its life cycle. The Shopmacher will develop and implement the successor system based on the new Shopware 6 shop software. In order to ensure that only authorized partners of the provincial insurance companies in fire protection education and education have access to the teaching and educational materials, the platform will be equipped with a typical B2B registration function.


Exclusive Shopmacher team at the office partners

Exclusive Shopmacher team at the office partners

For more than 20 years, the office partners from Gescher in Münsterland have developed into an internationally renowned player in the field of office technology. With around 130 employees, the office partners provide their customers with office technology: printers,...

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