21. Sep 2018

Zumnorde – Is the digital shoe store of the future emerging here?

Shopping experience, digital PoS – does that go together? Is this really a lifeline for brick-and-mortar retail? The shoe store Zumnorde, traditional regional prince, shows that it could work if you leave no stone unturned.

A person operates a screen in the brick-and-mortar store

Articles can also be placed in the virtual shopping cart outside of store opening hours via a QR code on the interactive displays.

At the moment, one should certainly not ask the Zumnorde shoe store about the KPIs of speaking shop windows and interactive displays in the modernized flagship in Münster on Prinzipalmarkt. But while digital bling projects at the shrinking giant Karstadt seemed more like a late attempt to produce a little innovation PR, at the end of the day this kind of thing has to pay off for a medium-sized company – and it has to be thought through and designed accordingly.

This applies, for example, to the speaking shop windows as consulting and sales agents. If you want to offer customers contact points around the clock and outside of opening hours, you don’t just have to say “A” and “B”. He has to work through the digital solution to “Z”.


For example, how window shopping is thought of in Münster: “Touch displays installed on the shop window also communicate independently outside of shop opening hours with passers-by who are recognized by motion detectors and start an automatic sales consultation in dialogue with the customer. If this virtual and interactive sales talk leads to the selection of one or more desired items, the buyer has the option of placing this or these in the shopping cart of the mobile-optimized online shop using a QR code, so that he or she can make the purchase immediately or later on his or her website smartphone and does not have to enter personal data at the public terminal. This triggers an order and the selected goods are conveniently delivered to the customer.”

Together with SHOPMACHER, specialist for enterprise e-commerce platforms, and Videro, provider of digital brand experiences, Zumnorde has connected further solutions to the existing OXID-based e-commerce platform and also uses in the shop in addition to personal advice from the Specialist sales staff on interactive digital sales support.

Selected products are provided with a chip; when the customer picks it up, the chip triggers the corresponding information about the product on the display. These can be production videos, recommendations for similar products or information about additional products such as leather care products or shoe trees.


A person operates a screen in the brick-and-mortar store

With intuitive menu navigation, the digital PoS solutions provide Zumnorde customers with a wide range of information about the products.


At first glance, that sounds more like a sign of poverty. Because if you want to talk to a vending machine, you can also shop with Alexa on the sofa. At least the monitors in the shoe store don’t only show predefined content in an endless loop, but should display additional content, for example campaigns and special offers, depending on the activities of the visitors.

These are determined by the Zumnorde team. If that doesn’t just remain a pious wish, this solution can definitely make sense as an addition. If they also offer visual added value.

The sellers therefore also receive support. For example, a seller can put content “on key” and call up suitable content if necessary. If a customer is interested in a handmade Italian shoe, a film can be called up about the corresponding shoe factory in idyllic Tuscany with details of the production process.

SHOPMACHER CEO André Roitzsch is of course convinced of the success of this multifunctional and interactive world of experience. “The time customers spend in the shop increases significantly. In addition, the level of service and advice is actively increased, since information and media can be played out in real time in a very target group-oriented and personalized way.” Other shoe stores from the Zumnorde are to be expanded in the coming year.


About Zumnorde The shoe store Zumnorde is a traditional German family business: Founded in 1887 by Heinrich Zumnorde in Münster, Westphalia, the company now operates 27 other stationary shops nationwide in addition to the main shop at the Prinzipalmarkt in Münster. In 2011, Zumnorde entered online trading. Thomas Zumnorde is in charge of the online activities and, as a member of the management board, now represents the 5th generation at the helm of the shoe retailer. Zumnorde has been cooperating with Shopmacher from Gescher, also in Westphalia, since 2013.


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